Going home for dinner

The in-laws can’t get breakfast right, but the mother-in-law seems to know what to do with dinner. She typically serves up a green leafy vegetable dish and a fish or meat (more often fish than meat) dish, plus a soup especially when more people are eating. That’s my idea of an almost balanced diet when consumed with not too much rice. Will be better with brown rice but sometimes the taste of that puts me off these days so I daren’t request it.

Only problem is its often too heavily seasoned which I’m not used to. I would have much preferred say steamed fish  with just a little soy sauce drizzled over it over fish cooked with ginger and black bean paste and soy sauce and oil and other seasoning.

Can’t wait to start cooking my own meals again. Sophia should start getting used to the taste of mummy’s food so she’ll like my cooking in future! Haha.. More seriously though, I can make it as healthy as I feel like. Home baked wholemeal bread sounds heavenly at the moment… mmm….

For the time being I think if I stand my ground on having cereal with fruits in the morning, eggs on alternate days, and keep expressing love of green leafies and plain food, I think I’ll do ok on the nutrition front. Should have worked this out earlier!


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