Did you know, that although as a general rule Singapore does not allow dual citizenship, if at birth a baby is entitled to qualify for the citizenship of another country, Singapore can allow a sort of temporary dual citizenship till the child is 21? I didn’t know until a friend informed that her nephew has dual Singapore and Malaysian citizenship upon birth, which prompted some research. ICA’s website is not very clear on these but reading the information in the 2 links below leads to the conclusion that it is possible.

Of course, this is only applicable if the other country similarly allows dual citizenship. Unfortunately for me, the other relevant country is the nationality of my husband (PRC) and the relevant chinese law says our children can’t have China citizenship because he has “settled” in Singapore (i.e. have PR status), and the child has acquired “foreign citizenship” – see article 5 父母双方或一方为中国公民并定居在外国, 本人出生时既具有外国国籍的, 不具有中国国籍. Of course, the child can apply for China citizenship under Article 7 if in future there is reason for doing so.’s_Republic_of_China

Wikipedia also says boys are not allowed to renounce Singapore citizenship between 11 and 21 so unless renounced before 11, boys will have to serve NS if the dual citizenship route is picked (not worse off than the Singapore citizen only route). Can’t find evidence of this on a more official source though.

Given that I am going to be based here for the foreseeable future, the pros of taking up Singapore citizenship seems to outweigh the cons. Tax rebates and other monetary benefits for parents and health and education subsidy for the children are the most immediately apparent ones to me.


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