We have decided to go with Cordlife because it is accredited. I have no doubt that the ministry of health of Singapore maintains a high standard and Stemcord must be good as well but somehow internationally recognised accreditation reassures me. Also, I read somewhere that some hospitals don’t do transfusions using stemcells stored in non-accredited institutions. Since the whole point of cordblood banking is to preserve choices, keeping the door as wide open as possible would be the aim.

Cordlife currently is having a 10th anniversary promotion that ends 28 November 2010. The discount is pretty good. My brother in law ran a financial model assuming 2% rate of return and concluded that the 10 year plan is the best time value for money. But we reminded him of credit card benefits on day 1 if he pays the full 21 year lump sum today, which is better than the possibility of using the money to invest at 2% returns, which may not be attainable depending on market conditions (especially in the current low interest rate environment).

I hope we will never have to use the stored stemcells 🙂


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