More blood sugar updates

I’ve been so good about eating right and yet this week’s blood sugar reading is crazy high. I am not sure what to do. Worse still, my obgyn called today to help but all I can remember now is her accusation of my thinking being “asian” and wrong. Now what’s so asian about the following menu:

Breakfast: fruit salad with natural yoghurt (no fruit flavour) and a slice of wholemeal bread with butter

Lunch: Salad with chicken

Dinner: Chicken kebab (from a middle eastern restaurant) served with the tiniest slice of pita bread

And apart from the breakfast carb fest because there are little easy breakfast no-carb choices, where did the carb/sugar sneak in? This blood sugar thing is all a mystery to me but I think I might have figured out the trick. If I let myself starve my blood sugar will be low. Easy. No wonder lab rats that are starved live longer (according to friend, I haven’t read the report myself).


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