Maid and food

The long awaited maid is finally here. She seems hardworking so far, and quite a cheerful person. Hope all works out fine. There is so much to learn about managing a maid.

I should do a paper on food psychology after I’m done with this pregnancy thing. There are quite a few things I noticed about how my mind works re food as I am monitoring my blood sugar post food and wonder whether it applies across the board for human minds. For instance, I have been testing my blood sugar daily 2 hours after each meal and every time after I test I feel hungry like its time for a feed again. But if I didn’t have to think about testing my blood sugar then perhaps I wouldn’t have felt hungry. I’ve also noticed that my eating habits on weekends is extremely different from weekdays. I nibble all day on weekends typically, especially if there is a big pot of something I like simmering away like hot soup or this vegetarian casserole that my mum does.


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