Grumpy baby?

This is kind of a continuation of the previous post. I’ve been thinking a lot about putting Sophia on a “schedule” (shock horror!). Not a very strict one that runs by clockwork but one roughly along the times of Gina Ford’s schedules and following Tracy Hogg’s EASY pattern. I think that fosters good habits that will serve her well in future. I noticed that Sophia invariably wriggles when I eat and goes motionless for a period thereafter. Roughly 2 hours later she starts to stir again and the pattern continues. It seems to me she has put herself on an ESA schedule (eat-sleep-activity-eat etc) which I think is a bad pattern because (1) sleeping or being inactive immediately after eating leads to sluggish metabolism and accumulation of fats, which in turn leads to all sorts of health problems and (2) sleeping right after feeding may lead to the wrong sleep associations (can’t get to sleep without suckling.

Today I met a client’s son and was at a lost what to say to him. Of course, I could do the usual “what’s your name” and “how old are you” but I remember that as a kid I used to be irritated by these questions because everyone asks them the first time they meet me, or multiple times. I was going “can’t you remember?” or “I can count you know, no need to test me”. Then it struck me – was I a grumpy child? One of those that reincarnated with years of memories and act like an old man even as a child? And most importantly, will Sophia be a grumpy baby? I really really hope I will have an angel baby, although in the long run the baby that will do well in life is perhaps a spirited baby. Oh what will be will be…


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