Thank you

Dear Dr Yap,

Its Sophia here. Mummy and I would like to say thank you very much for all you have done for us.

We’ll have to start from day one sending us for CVS when other obstetricians have said do amniocentesis or even just say wait and see its too early to do anything. We were terrified until the results were out. Imagine if we went to anyone else and had to wait till amniocentesis can be done. Mummy and I would have gone mad.

Also, thank you for “nagging” at mummy to keep her GDM under control and constantly guiding her as to how to do so. As a direct result I’m born without low blood sugar or other serious issues and most importantly I didn’t die. PS: mummy was really upset to hear I may die and went over the top poking herself 2h after every meal every day and walking really long distances after meals. It was quite bumpy for me.

Most of all, thank you for doing such a good job with the surgery and stitching so mummy can care for me straightaway. By the way, I was quite amused when the nurse came in moments after the IV was removed, saw mummy walking around, got freaked out, looked around and saw no one else except me in the room and asked mummy who helped her get up. Mummy was really confused why she was supposed to call for help until she saw other patients who went through caesareans earlier than her still confined to bed or being pushed around in a wheelchair. Then she realised what a great difference having Dr Yap stitch her up made. I hope mummy brings me along when she tries to put the stitches to the test at the wakeboard place. Mummy stopped going when she found out I was listening in to all her activities 9 months ago but she always speaks of it with such longingness. We have to think of a way to sneak past grandma though.


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