Birth registration

Yesterday we tried to make use of the husband’s offday to do birth registration but the counter closes at 4 and it was drizzling so impossible to get a cab. Today we decided to go again. Kenny was initially thinking of SGH so we left in the morning but I really felt like going back to Mt E so I persuaded them to by saying SGH has all sorts of diseases. However, we forgot that different hospitals’ counters have different opening times and Mt Elizabeth’s counter opens only at 1:30. We were there 10 plus. There was a choice of going to SGH or waiting and I chose to wait. It did pay off.

At around 10 Sophia started crying for food and I asked to use the nursing room. After I came out and was admiring babies, the lactation consultant came along and taught me more techniques. She also confirmed my suspecion that Sophia was nibbling and taught me to compress my breast to get her to drink more each mouthful. Really painful! Also milk really came in during that sitting and my breasts got quite full and at one point was dripping. No such luck after coming back but feel good factor was there.

At 1:30 I did the birth registration. At that point Kenny had already gone. As an aside, the lactation consultant said I was really capable upon seeing how I was lugging along a baby efficiently without Kenny. Another feel good factor. I handed over the forms to the registration counter and was shocked to see Kenny has filled in male for gender! Good thing the registration staff compared against the notification of live birth.

Now our baby has a birth certificate number and can start applying for insurance etc. Yay!


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