Virtual radio silence during the official postpartum period of about 6 weeks is testiment to the wisdom of the thinking that 6 weeks is the amount of time needed for mum’s body to heal and to get to know one’s baby. I didn’t believe it when I was told that at 6 weeks something will click but after the 6 weeks check at the paediatrician yesterday, it does seem that something really clicked. Perhaps it was the ridwind drops he prescribed that made my baby more comfortable and therefore less fussy. Perhaps just before this she was actually going through a growth spurt hence the pretty quick weight gain for about a week or two and constant feeding that has seemed to stop.

To all mums struggling in the first 6 weeks, hang in there, it will get better. honestly.

Also, to all mums who have been told be paediatricians, mother, mothers in law, even husbands that you don’t have enough milk, don’t believe them. take lots of fenugreek, pump all the time but try not to feed the pumped milk, keep nursing even if the baby asks for milk immediately after a pump and you feel empty. You will get there. In fact, you will have over-abundant supply. Most do. I would readily admit that there may be a timing mismatch in the supply and demand, especially in the context of today’s drug induced deliveries and SOPs involving long periods of separation from mum after birth and lack of skin to skin contact. But the hormones will still eventually kick in. I’m going to suggest something very controversial here but between day 4 and around day 10 (plus or minus), if there is a real timing mismatch, it is ok to give some formula to prevent dehydration, jaundice and other potentially health threatening issues. Lactation consultants are going to hunt me down and stone me to death but I truly found it helped. I stopped worrying about whether baby will get seriously ill and removing that stress factor was the best aid to milk supply. Within 3 days of supplementing, I cut off the supplementation and we have been stumbling our way to a somewhat successful breastfeeding relationship ever since. The hunger cries still occur sometimes every hour or two but eventually she gets enough and mum gets dark eye rings, that’s ok 🙂


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