Outings with the little one

This weekend we took a trip out with our baby each day and it was so refreshing. Even milk supply was bumped up because I was so relaxed (or because the 6 weeks growth spurt was over, not sure which).

Yesterday (saturday) we went to Vivo City. Tried feeding her quite a bit at the 1pm feed before putting her in the pram but she cried once put down and it was nearly 3pm before we managed to leave. Once we reached Vivocity she started crying in hunger so we were stuck in the nursing room for half an hour and even after coming out she kept crying so had to be given a 70ml bottle (assumption being she wasn’t efficient in the nursing room). Thereafter she still kept crying and didn’t like being put in her pram, but even carrying doesn’t guarantee that she stops crying. nursing does but what’s the point of going out then? Despite the cries we managed to have all the snacks I was craving for (red bean pastry, Peking duck roll, deep fried chicken chop and beard papa) and on top of that got some sugarcane juice. Thereafter went shopping at Marks & Spencer and another lingerie shop for abdominal binder because the cinch was either really lousy or didn’t work well for me because I was too impatient and adjusted it too tightly resulting in bunching. However, the binders at both places sort of worked but seemed overpriced for the effect they provided. Eventually bought 3 from this pushcart and when tried on at home seemed to work just as well as the ones from M&S etc. So happy with purchases.

Once home she fed furiously then looked happy. Mummy and Daddy then handed her to grandpa and went for a massage nearby. Unfortunately, Mummy was saving the right breast for a full dinner feed and was feeling too engorged and painful lying faced down and pressing on the breast to fully enjoy the excellent massage. What’s more, baby wasn’t keen on drinking even when mummy returned so the pump had the humongous feed of 160ml just from one side instead and baby got a bottle for her 10pm feed.

This morning took a walk to cafe epicurious, stopped along the way for bah kut teh, we shared a bowl of soup, a veg, dough fritters and hubby had a bowl of rice which he didn’t finish. At cafe epicurious we shared the large table inside with a caucasian couple and their little boy. I had a stack of pancakes and hubby had a latte doule shot while reading his book. I was feeding throughout really and after Sophia pooped, she got really fussy. I suggested we adjourn to Liang court where we changed her and tried feeding her a bit more but she kept crying at the breast, then threw up on daddy. We assumed she was full and went to tampopo deli for cream puff and mont blanc. Alas, she kept crying and we had to do more feeding (probably comfort feeding really). So daddy and mummy took turns carrying and patting her until she was calm enough to be put on the pram for the return journey home. Along the way we exlored SAFRA game haven but it was not opened yet. Once home, Sophia was sleepy again but was dragged off for a bath. A feed followed and she fell asleep till 4pm.

Ahh… I love weekends. Some help other than the maid feels so good.


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