Bottle Rejection

Sophia has been rejecting bottle for a week now and as a result her weight gain has slowed. I’ve been trying to re-introduce the bottle and most days she just either screams if she is really hungry or push the teat around with her tongue when she is not too hungry. If the flow is fast and drips into her mouth, she spits it out so violently that it spurts out even through her nose. For all the mums facing the same problem, this post is a collection of tips and tricks that have worked for me and i hope you will find it useful too. This is by no means exhaustive or foolproof. Each baby is different and at the end of the day, it depends on how strong-willed your baby is and what your baby likes.

1) Never mix medicine into bottled milk. My problem started the day I mixed medicine for getting rid of wind into a bottle of ebm. Since then she has rejected the bottle.

2) Don’t wait till she is screaming in hunger. She will just continue screaming and never close her mouth to suck. Though some have advised me to starve her a bit and if she is starved she won’t be fussy anymore. Try it both ways I guess.

3) Warm up the milk even though technically room temperature is drinkable

4) Try different teats. As a general rule softer teats seem more acceptable, as are wide neck teats, at least for my baby. Flow is also relevant, too face they cannot cope and too slow it gets too difficult for them.

5) Let someone else give the bottle and don’t even be in the same room. This is the rule everyone cites, I’m not too sure if it works because I have had as much success feeding a bottle as other members of the family, if not more, possibly¬†because I’m the most firm in the family. I’ve also seen the rest give the bottle and they seem to tilt it in an angle that makes it really difficult for baby. So perhaps it all depends.

Trying to give the bottle is so difficult I wonder whether I can just start with cup and straw directly haha…


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