New Resolution

Sophia now sleeps at 7pm (with a 10pm dream feed), I’ve made a new resolution to update this blog between 7pm and 10pm everyday rather than watching meaningless tv shows.

Today was a bad day. Actually not completely bad because the first 3/4 of the day was good. Sophia woke at 7am had her usual latch on breakfast on one breast while I pump the other side. We then went for breakfast with daddy and the good girl slept through breakfast! When we got back, she took her mid morning milk from a bottle, all 150ml of it. At 11:30 I pumped and brought ebm out for lunch with the cub and cub’s mummy. She was unfortunately woken from her sleep and couldn’t fall back to sleep. As a result, she refused her 1pm feed but after a half hour nap she happily finished another 150ml. By around 4:30 she still wasn’t demanding a feed but I was too engorged so we stopped at bakerzin for coffee while I fed. She fell asleep during feeding but woke up the moment I put her down. And didn’t sleep again until we were almost home, which was also time for her nightly bath. She was crying before the bath and after bath refused to drink from a bottle at all. She probably swallowed about 50ml from us holding the bottle in her mouth for 1.5 hours while she screamed. By 9pm I gave up, though the maid still wanted to try. She doesn’t know the virtue of patience you see, and doesn’t get it that its better to let baby sleep if that’s what she wants and baby will eat when she wants to eat. So the time now is 9:30 and the baby is sleeping. I’m wondering if I should wake her up to try again or wait till 10pm… decisions decisions decisions…

Lesson learnt:

1) Do not go out for too long with baby.

2) (maybe) do not latch on in the day.


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