Bottle rejection continued

I’m shocked beyond belief. My baby actually rejected the bottle for 10.5 hours, prefering to go hungry after the 7am latch. Mummy is also very determined not to give in so by 5:30pm she slowly started to drink from the bottle again. But surely this cannot happen everyday, everyone will be worn out. Hence mummy has decided to go exclusive pumping.

Grandma (my mother) keeps thinking that baby is very poor thing, doesn’t get to latch anymore and is trying to persuade me to latch once a day. I will probably be tempted to try it again but only after a couple of days cold turkey treatment for the naughty girl. Then maybe allow her to latch for the dream feed each day. How I envy those parents with babies that can go back and forth.

If and when I have a second baby, the plan is to latch A LOT in the first week to get the supply going, then give at least a bottle a day for the rest of the first month and then move on to bottle feeding during office hours and latching at other times.

Btw, I just heard from a friend I recommended to Dr Christine Yap that she is no longer doing normal pregnancy work so I probably can’t go to her for my second pregnancy unless I’m going for pre-implantation testing… Guess she’s focusing on fertility work. More in pre-implantation tests in another post hopefully.

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