Ergo vs Manduca

As you would know from a previous post, I tried the Manduca at Baby Slings and Carriers at Square 2 last Tuesday. Last friday, I tried the Ergo at First Few Years at Paragon. I must say I couldn’t tell any significant difference be it in ease of use or weight distribution. The only discernable difference are:

1) The basic version of the ergo feels a bit rough but the organic version feels the same to me.

2) For babies who do not have good neck control yet, the ergo requires an infant insert that costs about $70 which brings the difference in price (if any as it depends on which model of ergo and where you buy it from) to a very small one. My Sophia doesn’t need one anymore but if I have another baby, he/she would need one initially.

Some other factors that I read about or think could make a difference but in the short span in the shop couldn’t try out

1) I have read that the hood of the ergo tends to fall out and may be scrapping the floor when the carrier is hanging around mum’s body.

2) The ergo’s insert is thick and hence warm.

Are the minute differences worth the extra $100 cost for manduca? I will get the organic ergo because of the softness which I can feel but otherwise I’m really not sure why the manduca is supposed to be better though everyone who has used both for any period of time say it is. I haven’t decided which to get… decisions decisions decisions…


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