The most mundane milestone

All along when I placed Sophia in the baby bjorn carrier, she will turn her head to the right and kind of look dazed. Eyes open but not really seeing, when she should be observing because when she is out of the carrier she can see us from a few meters away. Today, for the first time ever, she fell asleep with her head forward facing me rather than to the right and when she woke she turned to the left! Yes I know its stupid because she already knows how to turn her head so there should be no reason to be happy about her being able to turn her head in a carrier but I think its a good sign. She’s stopped being dazed inthe carrier and is able to turn her head according to what she wants (or doesn’t want) to see. Moreover, people always say that making baby face the carrying parent allows the baby to turn away from stimulation. It never applied to Sophia till now since her head was stuck to the right and whatever stimulation there was on the right she would be subject to it.


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