Bottle rejection resolved in an unsatisfactory manner

By giving milk only in a bottle and discontinuing latching completely. I know it seems like a counter-intuitive solution but the truth of the matter is, once Sophia latches on, she loves it so much she’ll strongly reject the bottle next time we offer it to her. The only way to make her drink from a bottle again after that is to endure her cries and screams for however long she decides to hold out (highest record being 10.5 hours) which is very stressful for me.

I so miss the closeness when she latches on and looks at me with her big sparling eyes.

That’s not to say bottle feeding doesn’t have its advantages. I know exactly how much she has so I’ve stopped weighing her every single day as I used to. She also stays happy-ish for 3 hours or so after each feed as opposed to previously where she would cry for milk every hour or so in the afternoon because her latch was so inefficient. There was no time to do anything with her and I couldn’t have lunch with friends or go shopping or do anything at all without her being stuck to my breast.


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