Bottle training down; next, maid training

I am now officially an eping mum, much as I hate it, its a better solution than constantly fighting with a very unhappy baby. She’s now happy and no longer cries for no reason as she did in the initial eping stage. Now that bottle training is a success, though not really in the way I originally envisaged, I am now starting to get Sophia used to being cared for by the maid. Of course, my dad will be the primary caregiver when I go back to work but seeing as he is still working for the time being, at least get her used to the maid. I started by letting the maid care for Sophia when I am pumping, so its 15-20 minutes stretches and initially Sophia will cry her lungs out for those 15-20 minutes and when I take over she would still be sobbing pitifully though she will stop crying. Finally there seems to be small success today. When I was pumping Sophia managed to fall asleep sucking her finger on the bouncer. Granted, she was exhausted from not having slept enough the whole morning but at least the maid figured out that she can’t carry and pat Sophia to sleep like I do because Sophia cries when carried by her so she did what worked – bounce her in a bouncer. Fingers crossed that this good performance continues.


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