I have been going around visiting a few kindies. Yes, shout KIASUUUU all you want. My baby is more than a year away from attending any kindergarten and I am already trooping around Singapore searching for the best one BUT in my defence, it was my parents who stressed me out by saying that the good ones have 2 year queues. NOT TRUE. At least, not true for the good and expensive ones. Not sure whether there are good and cheap ones that have queues. Of course, I am not talking about Nanyang kindergarten although I have no idea what the hype is about for Nanyang. It shares the same name as the primary school everyone wants to get into but has no affiliation so no priority. Teachers speak pure mandarin to the younger kids but my kid will have sufficient mandarin exposure at home. So why send them there? Moreover, the kindergarten actually gives me a very stifling feeling, as if they will be spoonfeeding my kids lots of knowledge as chinese schools traditionally do.

So I’ve eliminated the most popular kindergarten in the country. What do I want? I basically want a place where children learn through play and where my girl learn good language skills through listening to good language being spoken all the time. I’ve looked at a popular one Eton House. Didn’t like it. Kids didn’t look happy. Went to The Children’s Place and was impressed both by the principal and the happiness level of the kids. The Odyssey’s grounds are impressive and children look happy but am concerned about the complaints about management that I saw online.  There seem to be a few more good ones to check out and I may do so especially since going forward all the january mummies are going back to work and I will have no company in the afternoons anyway.

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