How to put baby to sleep

Step 1: Swaddle

Step 2: Put into crib

Step 3: Pat on bum or shoulder

If baby falls asleep at this point, pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Step 4: Pick baby up, try burping

Step 5: Carry in cradle position, pat on bum and sing lulluby

If baby falls asleep, put gently in crib. Baby’s eyes will open, quickly pat bum. If baby goes to sleep, heave a sigh of relief. If she doesn’t, repeat step 5.

If step 5 doesn’t work after 15 minutes or baby protests loudly, go to step 6

Step 6: Put baby back in crib, rearrange swaddle and pat, hymming lulluby.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary until baby sleeps.

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