My Good Girl Sophia

I have always known I have a very easy time with Sophia but I just haven’t gotten down to listing why:

1) She slept through the night since she was 1 month plus. At a month plus it was difficult to put her to bed by 10pm but once that was accomplished she would sleep all the way till 7 am. When she is ok with sleeping by 10pm I put her to bed at 7pm, woke her for a feed at 10pm then she would sleep till 7.

2) She doesn’t cry much. Previously when I was doing direct latch she cried often because she was hungry often. Yes, that was one difficult thing about Sophia, her latch was terrible and she extracted very little milk in each session. But after I switched to exclusive pumping because of her extreme bottle rejection, she generally did not cry in between feeds. Dirty diapers did not bother her and she doesn’t even really like to be carried. She is also often happy to observe the world without needing much attention so long as there is activity around her.

3) No diaper rash and not fussy about diaper change. Seriously she has almost never cried about a dirty diaper, not even poo in her diaper. I know this will probably mean I will have a hard time toilet training, but for now it is good that I don’t need to have a screaming baby whenever she poos. The best thing is, despite me changing her diaper only if she poos and at her bath times, she doesn’t get diaper rash.

4) Thin nails. Strange to have thin nails as a reason for a baby being easy to take care of but it is seriously the best thing, because even if she scratches herself, there is only a very faint red line that heals within the day itself. She doesn’t make herself bleed like other babies.

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