Sophia has always been a good sleeper in her bed at night. But she seems to have lost the ability to sleep through noises outside and sleep on her pram or car seat when moving. In the first month of her life and especially around the time of her first month party, she would sleep in her pram for long periods of time through any noise we put her through, including among screaming high school students, with the television on etc. Now she has great difficulty falling asleep in cafes with music and gets woken up by lift or train announcements. I was hoping to be able to train her to sleep on a stroller so I can bring her out even during her nap time just like what W does with the ABCs and its probably good for her in the long run in that she would be able to sleep on flights for example. However, it does look like ability to sleep wherever and whenever is inborn and not trained and she certainly has my genes in this respect.


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