Glenn Doman method

I just received my mail order copy of “How to Give Your Baby Encyclopedic Knowledge” and just cannot understand 2 things:

(1) Why should this book cost so much? The method is seriously not rocket science and anyone could have come up with it. It probably works but to my mind, so would any other method where you constantly teach a baby things.

(2) Why can’t these baby books author be concise? I can summarise the method in one page and you would have all you need to follow it. While I appreciate the examples to further illustrate how to go about doing it, I do not appreciate pages and pages of justification for the method. Which was the same thing I found in Gina Ford and Tracy Hogg’s books. Now all these are good books BUT they would be better books, at least for me, if they cut out all the irrelevant bits and are shortened to half the size. After all, today’s world is all about efficiency.

So to prove my point, I will summarise the GD method. Essentially, parents (interestingly, he used mother) are supposed to gather “Bits of information” ie pictures and make them into flashcards that are large and sturdy. The bit of information should be clear and concise (eg if it is a portrait then background should be cropped off if not plain). At the back of the flashcard label what is the picture about. Group the flashcards into categories and sub categories such that each is a group of 10. Show just the picture side to the baby in groups of 10 in quick succession, initially with a sentence that says what is the group and what is the item eg “this insect is a cricket”. Show a group of 10 then take a break with other stuff. Then show the same group of 10 again, many times, shuffling the order. After a few times, just say the name of the item without the category. After doing this with many many items, like thousands, start using old cards that were retired and add a bit of information about the item. Show the cards in groups of 5 and reading out the bit of information (he calls these program or something like that, which is think is not an intuitive name). Showly add the bits of information until for each item there are 10. There are examples for each category what bits of information to include for each category eg musical instrument, which is useful. Essentially, this is all that method is about! Now I can be more detailed but approximately 20 pages is probably all that is needed to give all the information about how to go about using the GD method.

Perhaps the publishers feel you can’t sell 20 pages for so much money.

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