Babies Love to Learn

Its true! Now I sort dissed Glenn Doman’s book in my previous post, not diss his content but rather the presentation (which, now that I think about it further is rather ironic because he advocates presenting concise information to babies for them to absorb but yet his book is anything but concise). Now that I’ve started his method, I’m starting to really appreciate his method. I haven’t seen results yet of course, but Sophia loves the 15 seconds flashcards sessions. She always smiles sweetly and kicks her legs around when I’m showing her the flashcards. Its true that babies love to learn!

I am suddenly overwhelmed by how much there is for her to learn and how little time there is. I’m also feeling guilty that for the first few months I’ve lost so much time just struggling with feeding her. Though I suppose the first 3 months or so is indeed too early to teach her anything.

I think for my next child, if there is one, I will also do direct breastfeeding for 3 months then switch to scheduled bottle feeding so he/she has a regular routine and can learn things in between feeds. A baby’s life should not just be all about feeding and sleeping and being shown toys. Unless, of course, he/she is an efficient feeder who can last 3-4 hours between direct latches and doesn’t demand to latch just for comfort all the time.

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