Much ado about epidural

Every mother’s backache seems to be epidural’s fault. Is it really?

No! Just because epidural is inserted into the epidural space of the spine doesn’t mean it will injure the spine. If it would, it wouldn’t be the most popular form of pain relief during childbirth. I myself have no backache from epidural. Yes the puncture wound was a little sore for a while but that was it. Nothing more than a very deep pinprick and resulting bruising.

What is the real cause of the backache? During pregnancy, the centre of gravity shifts forward causing extra strain on the back, especially is the pregnant lady does not maintain good posture. Further a long or difficult delivery may cause extra pressure and strain to muscles that are not often used. All these contribute to back strain. Post delivery, the mother is usually the primary caregiver carrying a rapidly growing infant. Prolonged carrying of this heavyweight, especially if you have a big baby and if you don’t maintain good posture can further injure your back.

So next time you feel a backache, don’t blame epidural and the poor anaesthetist (who probably did a perfectly good job as mine did) but watch your posture and go for a massage to soothe those aching muscles.

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