Search for the perfect bottle

I started my mothering career with 4 purchased bottles and 2 bottles from the hospital: 2x avent PP 250ml bottles, 1x standard NUK glass 150ml bottle, 1x pigeon wide neck glass 250ml bottle and 2x brandless glass bottles with disposable rubber teats from the hospital. Along the way, I acquired a couple of wide neck NUK bottles and medela nipples to go with medela’s storage bottles. Unfortunately I have yet to find the perfect bottle among these and the search continues. Below is my review of the various bottles:

Avent: Teat too stiff and squarish for baby to latch on properly and leaks if not screwed on right.

Pigeon glass: Initially ok but eventually baby rejected the stiff teat after getting used to the breast. Also leukocytes will stick to glass so using glass bottles to feed breastmilk is actually a waste of the good stuff.

NUK standard: Right from the start baby had problems latching on, probably because she is not used to the small teat compared to the gigantic breast. Also there is the glass issue.

NUK wide neck PP bottles: The bottle that created and solved my bottle rejection problem. The S sized rubber teat had a hole much too small for Sophia to suck and so after a very long and difficult session with it, she rejected all bottles. However, as we continued our bottle training, the M sized silicon teat was the one with most success. Even when she was refusing to drink, she was willing to allow it to stay in her mouth and would push it around with the tongue or chew on it. The other bottles provoked loud screams the moment they go near her mouth. However, the vent simply refused to work for me. Regardless of how I try to open the vent by rolling it, pulling it, poking a toothpick through it, screwing the bottle cap less tightly (tried everything from real tight to so loose it leaks), the teat would just collapse as air cannot enter. The vent has only worked a grand total of 3 times for me.

Medela bottles: S sized is too small for Sophia and she needs to work too hard. The M sized is a bit too large and she seems to have difficulty keeping up – she huffs and puffs her way through but finishes very quickly. Also, the new medela bottles go soft after being sterilised. The old ones that came with the pump did not have this problem. Also, since starting with these bottles, Sophia started throwing up about 2 hours after the 11am feed the past 2 days and I wonder whether it has anything to do with the bottles.

Conclusion so far is the NUK wide neck and medela M teats will do but the search for a perfect bottle continues. Trying Playtex ventaire and will update. Also may try pigeon again and if she’s willing to suck, may get her the training cup with the same type of nipple and let her progress to spout.

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