Baby out and about

Here’s a comparison of the various methods of bringing baby about that I have tried:

1) Inglesina Zippy Stroller

I’ve been using this the most especially when meeting friends for lunch as Sophia is still too young to sit on a high chair for extended periods of time so she has to sit in her stroller. It also allows her to nap as my lunchtime is her long nap time. However, if I were to be able to turn back the clock, I would opt for a different stroller. A lighter umbrella stroller probably the Maclaren Techno XT which is light but well built and able to fully recline for use from day 1. Now that I already have a tank of a stroller, I’m thinking of getting a cheap umbrella one for my own convenience, perhaps the Chicco Liteway, which seems to be getting good reviews too.

I seem to have forgotten to mention what was wrong with the Inglesina Zippy. The biggest fault is its too heavy. Its too difficult to hold baby with one hand and fold it with the other and heave it onto the car boot. Its also too bulky and difficult to navigate corners and small spaces. The last issue, a big one to me, is that the seat portion is too long so Sophia slides too far forward when sitting on it. As a result, instead of bending at the hip when the seat is up, she kind of slouches with the fold of the pram at the middle of her back. This is the greatest issue I have with the stroller as it surely is bad for her spinal development.

2) Manduca

Its great, good distribution of weight. I walk 40 minutes a day to and fro my husband’s workplace carrying Sophia in it, no problems at all. Sophia also falls asleep lying on me when carried in it so despite what people may say about legs spreading too wide, she must be reasonably comfortable in it. Its pretty expensive and I don’t see what’s the big improvement over the ergo but I love it on its own if I don’t think about the fact that there is a cheaper alternative in the ergo.

3) Ring sling

Sophia loved it as a small baby less than a month old, she always falls into a deep sleep when put into it. However, she doesn’t like it at all now and cries when put into it, so its now a white elephant.

4) Carry with bare hands

Tiring! Especially as baby grows older but hasn’t gained sufficient neck and back strength to be held with just one hand for extended periods of time. Its impossible to go shopping with both hands engaged in supporting baby. Moreover, when baby pukes (quite often), there’s no spare hand to wipe it off!

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