I’m so proud of my girl

She’s so well behaved today! On the entire car journey with gong gong from orchard to home at chinatown she didn’t make a single sound. Its as if she understood it when we told her that she’s alone with gong gong who’s driving and she needs to be a good girl.

Also, we went for dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday and my cousin’s birthday. The restaurant was not overly noisy, just typical but I expected her to be difficult. To my pleasant surprise, she was not cranky at all! Yes it took longer for her to fall asleep and there were times when her eyes opened with a startle (mostly when someone dragged his/her chair across the floor, but after some patting she went back to sleep. So despite us being out she stuck to her bedtime of 7 plus. I love my daughter. She’s the easiest baby I know.

Also, the day before yesterday she managed a fluke roll back from her tummy to her back and yesterday she managed it twice consecutively. Today she didn’t manage it again but she’s getting there and I love how she keeps trying. Once we put her down on her back she will roll to her tummy and try flipping back, or cry trying đŸ™‚

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