The Little Gym

I brought Sophia for a trial class at the little gym today and had lots of fun. I do think we need activities like that to help time pass meaningfully. They really had lots of tricks to stimulate babies’ senses and promote their intellectual and physical development. Sophia’s developmentally the baby of the class, everyone else could crawl and sit on their own. Sophia even got “stepped on” by another baby. Its the hand that pressed on her bum, not legs but when one’s crawling they’re about the same.

There were about 10 babies with their 2 parents per baby generally except this lady with her gigantic baby (who stepped on my Sophia) who brought in her half dozen friends. I thought the gym should be a bit firm about keeping these extra people out of the class. There were 2 teachers in the class but only 1 was actually giving instructions and singing. The other was basically the assistant taking out the equipment, keeping it and very occassionally spotting parents when we’re making baby do somersauts.

Did I enjoy it? Yes. Did Sophia? I think so, though towards the end she was tired. Will I sign up for the entire term? Maybe not. I want to try the other places before making a decision.

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