Solid food adventure

Sophia started her first taste of dolid food on 30 June 2011. A few days earlier than the exclusive breastfeeding guideline of 6 months but seriously, she eats so little that I don’t think it makes any difference. We had avocadoes that were ripening at home and on 30 June they looked perfect. We all know how avocadoes go from ripe to overripe faster than you can say “eat it now” so I made the executive decision to feed it to her while it looked perfectly green and yellow. The first time I probably didn’t mash it up well enough so it ended up all being pushed out of her mouth by her tongue. Subsequently I mixed it up really well with breastmilk so it was kind of like gravy but still most of it comes out as green dribble. We heard just one loud gulp so we think she must have swallowed some at least. One can only hope.

After 2 days of avocados the avocados got overripe so we moved on to brown rice cereal. It seemed to come out with dribble as well, especially when I mix it with too much milk. She also seemed to like to bite on the spoon more than eat the food. But this morning the slightly thicker mash seems to disappear in her mouth so she must have eaten it. Yay! I really hope Sophia will be a good eater.

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