I finally managed to make an appointment for a Julia Gabriel trial class, after being told numerous times to call again. Silly me meant to call Evans Road branch but dialed the Forum branch number instead. That said, the forum branch timing seems more suitable for Sophia though so perhaps it was a good mistake to have made. Unfortunately it was not possible to do the trial on a sunday so I won’t be able to personally see how good or bad the class is. But the good thing is, my dad will then be forced to bring her and we can have a real trial of how the english session will work with my dad who doesn’t speak much of the language.

Conclusion was the JG was good! Even Kenny approves, which is rare because he’s always saying these enrichment classes are useless.

Not sure what about Playdays then. I was quite keen on it too. May still keep to the original plan of mandarin JG Playnest on weekdays and Playdays on weekends. For the time being signed up for JG English and looking forward to Playdays trial! I wish my dad was less protective so Sophia can get more out of the JG class. I hear when all the kids were getting dirty in paint, grandpa wanted to put paint on just Sophia’s little finger, and it was upon daddy’s insistance that Sophia got to put her foot in paint.

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