Babies need to learn

Much as I think spending the whole day showing flashcards to babies is not a good way of teaching/learning, I do agree with the books that say babies need to concontinually stimulated. That is to say, they need to be given the right environment for learning and exploring.

I used to be skeptical of teaching babies/toddlers and believed that they will learn naturally by observing but even my own experience seems to indicate otherwise. I’ll always be very laid back until its time for a major milestone (like rolling over, crawling, sitting unsupported) and for rolling over and sitting unsupported Sophia quickly picked them up after I put in effort to train her on them. Now it may be that she was going to be ready soon anyway since she is of age but still it does seem to me that unless the opportunity is created for her to try, she wouldn’t.

I am quite worried about my baby who’s being taken care of by her doting grandfather. He carries her all the time and picks her up the moment she cries. he also spoonfeeds her everything. Now, instead of using her hand to reach for things, she sticks out her mouth to reach towards food!

I really hope that I will have the perseverence and wisdom to provide the very best for my daughter in her formative years.

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