Julia Gabriel review

I finally managed to attend one JG class with Sophia and I must say indeed it was very similar to Playdays and both were pretty good, but because JG is more accomodating to grandparents with not very good english bringing Sophia, I’m more inclined to go with it. On weekends we can always find activities to do with Sophia but I would like grandpa to bring her somewhere to be stimulated on a couple of weekdays if possible. Grandparents are more inclined to go with Playdays because they think its cheaper and its once a week (so even cheaper).  The husband and I also feel that lead teacher on both sides both speak good english, with the Playdays teacher being slightly better but the JG teachers seem to genuinely love children more. And at the end of the day we placed more weight on the genuine show of love than the other factors going for Playdays.

As grandpa told me many times, the session started with free play among toys laid out and when most parents have arrived, the toys are put away while singing the “everybody do your share” song. Thereafter, I can’t remember the sequence but they did things like song and dance, bring out a monkey puppet and letting the monkey go round playing with the babies, hand out homemade playdough for the babies to pat and squash then add coffee in to smell and feel the grains, cornflour play, snacktime (teddy puffs) and ended with a music session where babies lie down and look for stars to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star and sing bye bye bubbles.

All in all quite enjoyeable. There was a lot of queueing for hand washing which wasted a lot of time (once after playdough and once after cornflour). The cornflour play was not very suitable for Sophia as she was still too short to reach. The other babies can stand on the side and play as they are all over 1 (ok, they’re not babies, they’re toddlers). The teachers were well trained and hence generally spoke good english but once in a while lapsed into singlish (very very occasionally, not a big problem at all). I would have much preferred it if they could include a mandarin portion too. So all in all not perfect but nevertheless good for Sophia I would think.

Next up time to try Bibinogs and GUG, both have the advantage of being bilingual programmes but JG has the advantage of priority entry into Chiltern and, for Evans road, outdoor play. Hmmm…

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