Dropping the dream feed

From the time she was 6 weeks old sophia has been “sleeping through the night” ie from about 10 – 11 pm to about 7am. When she was around 3 weeks old I decided to go with the western rule of putting children to bed early and started putting her to bed at 7pm and it worked quite well. I’ve always woken her up for a 10pm dream feed though. And when I was still on maternity leave and my dad hasn’t retired this was also his training feed. After I went back to work this was my bonding time with my girl. I was reluctant to drop the dream feed even after dr low gave us the all clear to do so because (1) I was worried she wouldn’t get enough nutrition since she wasn’t eating much solids so its hard for me to accept that she’s older but needs a lower amount of food overall, (2) I was over producing breastmilk as it is so if I drop another feed there will be even more excess. I felt as if I’m leeching all these nutrients for nothing and (3) the dream feed is my bonding time with Sophia. In short, I probably needed the dream feed more than Sophia.

As of Friday 5 August 2011, I dropped the dream feed and it was perfectly fine. She didn’t wake up for milk and didn’t eat more in the day as well. Hopefully she will lose some of her baby fat as a result. I suppose its never healthy to have food while sleeping. Its as bad as supper for adults. I’m quite glad I’ve made the decision.

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