Monkey see monkey do.

Monkey in question being sophia baby.

I didn’t expect Sophia to be able to give me a good laugh so soon. I had expected it to be when she is able to talk when she will come up with ridiculous arguments and lines of thinkings that kids are apt to do. But babies clearly can come up with hilarious actions of their own. She’s now taken to imitating her grandpa (my dad). This saturday we found a mozzie bite on her chest when changing her out of her pyjamas, so later in the day my dad pulled open the top of her polo romper to see whether the mark was still there, and she promptly did the same to him! Pulled apart the button down area of his unbuttoned polo -shirt and stuck her head forward to peer in.

And then of course there was the imitation of his sneeze which I have already blogged about.


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