The Closet Scientist

I’m a lawyer, I’m not supposed to have a scientific mind. But yet my approach to parenting, probably the least logical thing on earth, is extremely scientific. I think and rethink everything I do to my baby, especially her meals. Lets not even go to my meal plans which went down to how many tablespoonfuls of what food she should be eating at each meal which she crumples out and throws out of the window at each meal.

Just last night, i was worrying about her lack of water consumption. As always, the mad planner woman has a plan – by 6 months Sophia should be drinking from a sippy cup with a thin spout / straw cup / normal cup because bottles may affect her speech development. Well, Sophia doesn’t seem to care much about speech at the moment. She will drink water from a straw cup but doesn’t close her mouth when sucking so half the water flows back out again. No way I’m wasting my liquid gold (breastmilk) that way, so its back to bottles for milk and cups for just water. Even then I get worried that she doesn’t get enough water so I gave her a dreamfeed of water!! 50mls to be precise. After which I promptly started to worry about her being too dependent on the bottle etc.

My oh my, do I really have to analyse and re-analyse everything I do to Sophia / she does on her own? Apparently so. I should have taken statistics or something like that in university, it would probably satisfy my closet need to analyse and maybe allow me to cool off a bit on my baby.


One thought on “The Closet Scientist

  1. my raydon now 10 mths old… still not very interested in food… some time 2 teaspoon of food for a meal went into his stomach and out of don’t know how many teaspoon we fed was being pushed out by him. For me… I took it quite easily. As long as his weight doesn’t go down, go stained and wet diaper.. means it’s sufficient… Just take it naturally…

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