Once again, Gina Ford is proven right

I’ve said before that I was an accidental Gina Ford follower. I’ve never and still don’t advocate religiously following Gina Ford’s methods unless you are the OCD type who needs a strict schedule for your own schedule anyway, or you have a textbook baby who is extremely easy to handle and who takes well to schedules. However, time and again her advice proves sound.

This time its her sleep advice. She advocates absolute silence and complete darkness when trying to put baby to sleep. I’ve never really followed partly because its impossible in the day but for nights I find that when I turn off all the lights, including the night light (which my parents have insisted on turning on because they think she may be afraid of the dark. Reality has proven though, that babies have no fear.

So there, another of Gina Ford’s advice that works.

Oh, and there is another – that babies need to eat enough fruits and vegetables before protein is introduced, otherwise indigestion may result. True enough, I introduced protein and baby didn’t poo. That said, it would have been impossible to follow Gina Ford’s weaning advice as Sophia simply refuses / doesn’t know how to swallow solids initially and to get to the number of cubes she requires within the timeframe she specified was simply impossible.

So there – good advice but best to take with a pinch of salt.


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