It just occurred to me that I have never acknowledged my kind parents who were so incredibly helpful in the entire childcaring process. In fact, anyone reading this blog probably would not even know who cares for Sophia when I work. The answer is… grandpa! Yes grandpa, not grandma, because grandpa is retired but grandma still has a few more years to go.

How amazing isn’t it? That I have a dad who will change diapers, feed, play, carry and basically provide all of Sophia’s needs while I am typing away at a keyboard in the office. Most grandfathers won’t even feed, let alone change a diaper, they’ll just smile and coo.

My mum too takes over much of the childcare duties once she’s home. She’ll carry and talk to sophia and bathe her. She gets very sad when Sophia prefers mummy or gong gong (grandpa) haha..

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents who are always here for me and for my baby.


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