She held her own bottle!

Yay yay yay! She’s probably capable of it long ago but mummy here never dared to let her try. I kept carrying her in her usual position with one hand tucked behind my back (because when she was going through her bottle rejection phase this was the most efficient way to clamp her into position). Even when I puller her hand forward it was quite trapped and not free to hold the bottle. In any case she was probably too used to the bottle being held for her when in this position so she would hold for a few moments and let go. So, I decided to do what I saw the Korean lady’s maid do with the baby just 1 month older than Sophia, lie Sophia on my lap and hand her the bottle. She clamped it between her two hands and started drinking straightaway!

At one point when the milk was about 85% finished she didn’t hold the bottle high enough and was sucking just air but all it too was a push on the bottom for her to get it and she finished the entire bottle holding the bottle on her own! I do have some photos as evidence but too bad the daddy came in a bit too alte so we only caught the last part when I had to step in and push the bottle up.

Nevertheless, Clever Sophia!! Mummy’s so proud of you. Mummy promises to try try try to catch your first attempt of your next milestone, whatever it may be.


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