Baby Biscuits

I must have exhausted all the “healthier choice” baby biscuits there is, including a homemade sugar (even fructose aka fruit juice) and salt free version made from infant cereal and various other brands shipped over from the US.

When I fed each of them to baby girl, the result was uncannily similar: baby girl inspects specimen for a moment, twisting it this way and that in her hands. When encouraged to bring it towards her mouth, she takes a gnaw, then takes it out, inspects it a bit more and finds a chance to drop it inconspicuously on the floor. The only exception bring Healthy Times Maple arrowroot cookies which gets sufficient repeat gnaws to get her through 3/4 of a cookie. BUT, today I finally put aside my snooty only premium organic food for my precious darling sentiments and bought a pack of sardine flavoured pigeon brand senbei which everyone and their dog has already fed to their baby and guess what, she loved it so much she was smacking her lips half an hour and one milk feed later! Here’s a photo as proof.

This was taken at least half an hour later when I was reading her a bedtime story. She was not focusing on the story at all but just licking her lips in contentment.


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