Giving babies too much or too little credit?

I really wonder whether I give babies (in particular baby Sophia) too little credit or are people around me giving babies too much credit… some examples:


Scenario 1: Sophia reaches for the manduca carrier when passing by it in the morning.

Mummy’s interpretation: She was attracted by the froggy padding and wants to play with it.

Grandpa and Grandma’s interpretation: She knows strapping her on with the carrier means we will bring her out hence she’s actually requesting to be brought out.


Scenario 2: Sophia reaches for remote control, moves it towards Grandma’s direction. Grandma turns on the television. Sophia continues fiddling with the remote control and turns off the television. More shaking of remote control in general direction of Grandma.

Mummy’s interpretation: She was just playing with the remote control without connecting it to the television.

Grandma’s interpretation: Each time she moves the remote towards Grandma’s direction she was asking for the television to be turned on.


Scenario 3: Sophia cries when being put on the stroller but is pacified with much singing and promises of “gai gai” (going out) but not long later protests loudly about being in the stroller again.

Mummy’s interpretation: She simply hates the stroller and can only last a short while in it.

Grandma’s interpretation: She’s cunning and consents to sitting in the stroller for just a moment in order to go out but once out cries knowing we have no choice but to carry her.


Scenario 4: Sophia sits up from lying position unassisted (or does some equally impressive thing)

Mummy’s first reaction: Its a fluke.

Others: What a clever baby!


Perhaps there is a mix of both (too much and too little credit) at the same time. I must admit that baby girl’s development goes beyond my expectations at times. For example, she already clearly knows and understands object permeance. There is no doubt about it. When I put teddy bear underneath the blanket she reaches towards the blanket  and pushes blanket around to look for it. Also when she pulls on the tassle on the cushion and it bounces behind the cushion, she pulls the end of the cushion up to look for it.

Yet in some other respects she is so frustratingly slow in “getting it”. Like how she still hasn’t figured out how to press the buttons of her toys. She just picks at the sides of the button with one finger. When I hold her hand to show her, she draws her hand away as if to say “mummy, I can do it myself”. Except she can’t. Babies.. sigh..


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