Scaredy cat

Gosh, I never knew Sophia was soooo timid! Yesterday her grandad spotted a mosquito and tried to slap it but missed and pushed shoved the heavy dining table a bit in the process so there was quite a large movement as a result and Sophia was in her high chair next to the table. She immediately started crying inconsolably. For some reason she also kept staring at the maid with her death stare, the cautionary look she eyes strangers with, ready to react if they come too close. The dear maid was of course oblivious to the fear and instead kept making faces and mouthing “brave girl” and making popoye actions at Sophia which just prompted more tears. I had to bring her to a corner away from the maid and hug her while humming before she calms down.

Meanwhile, grandpa continues the search for the “dengue” mosquito and tries to enlist the maid in the search to which her response was to turn around and clean the kitchen. Yes, she knows her priorities like that because she’s so bright and she knows better than her employers of course.

I wish that was the end of the mosquito story but for some reason Sophia woke up in the middle of the night crying again and despite a diaper change refuses to go back to sleep or even lie down quietly unless I hold her hand. Anyone who has tried it would know that it is quite hard to sleep with a hand sticking into a crib. I would recommend you not try it 🙂

But yet… when my scaredy cat tried holding on to a walker which rolled away before her legs could catch up and as a result fell flat on her face, she did not so much as make a squeak. That’s my brave baby…

Update: We now think “being scared to tears” is her trick to get us to carry her. The following evening grandma’s spoon slipped when cutting up a piece of carrot and handed on the plate with a mildly loud clang and Sophia started crying loudly again! She was perfectly fine with the next clang when she is safely on grandma’s lap.


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