Secret Agent

You know, I think Sophia should join the secret service, because she is like the best psychic there is. Typically its quite easy for me to put her to sleep. Just turn off all the lights, put her in her crib and pat her while singing a lullaby. Today the grandparents plan to go out around 8pm and we all thought it would be fine since on a typical day they leave the baby to me after her last feed at 8-ish anyway but NOOOO…. The moment they walked out of our room, she screamed bloody murder (yes, baby sleeps in my room – don’t judge. She has her own bed and the choice was between sleeping with us and sleeping with the maid.) For the entire day she has actually been prefering me over all others so the only explanation for her clinging on to grandpa just as he was going out was that she knew he was going out without her.

And so she ended up sleeping like this:

I had to lure her into my arms by pretending to hug teddy and making her jealous. She ended up falling asleep the the 3 of us (teddy, mummy and sophia) cuddled together. Its the first time she’s sleeping cuddling a soft toy – I’ve always been terrified of SIDS.

So.. is the secret service hiring? This girl can sniff out any conspiracy I tell you.


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