Getting more mobile

Sophia can now move around quite a bit with a combination of rotating on the spot, rolling, seemingly random pushing and pulling, and sitting up then lunging towards desired direction. However, she doesn’t seem to be able to crawl purposefully in one direction yet. When oh when?

Now this girl with ants in her pants can’t sit still but doesn’t have teh ability to move to the things she would like to explore. I’m hoping when she’s able to get to places she wants herself she’ll require less attention but who am I kidding? What’s going to happen is she’ll take interest in electrical sockets and the like and crawl towards them all the time like moths flying towards fire.

She’s standing very well though when she has something to hold on to and can even cruise a few inches. Not unexpected since she refuses to sit! When we put her down, she locks her legs in a straightened position and forces you to hold her upright. Guess she’ll be walking pretty soon.

Since we’re on a roll on development, she’s also been saying “ma” quite a lot, adding to her repertoire of “ah” “ya” and “boo”. Today she pounced on me while saying “ma-a”. Of course, this is probably just a coincidence but I can’t wait for the day where she looks me in the eye and says “ma-ma”!

She also recognises the following words, though whether she would perform depends on her mood: “high five” (raises palm), “shake shake shake” (shakes bum), “jump” (what else but jump) “tap tap” (taps whatever is in front of her) and I’m not quite sure about this one: “hug” (pushes mummy away :P)


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