What happened to sleeping through the night?

Sophia has been sleeping through the night since she was 6 weeks old so I really don’t know what made her suddenly decide that she needs to wake up and complain in the middle of the night. Is it true, as my mum alleges, that my dad spoilt her by patting her back to sleep the moment she makes any small movement? Good thing she started doing it the day BEFORE we sent the maid away else I will always have teh nagging worry that its because she misses the maid. Which, by the way, would be all the more reason to send the maid away but also sad for me.

So, last night, I think I finally figured out the reason. She’s hungry. I think. I shall try to dream feed her again tonight and hopefully that lasts her throughout the night.

Would have been nice if I hadn’t bottle fed her so much that she has forgotten how to latch. So much more convenient than heating up milk in the middle of the night, crying baby in tow.

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