Today shall be known in the history of motherhood as…

the day I got my room back. Or not. Its make or break tonight. If I survive the night I’ll pop the champagne.

Here’s my baby sleeping in her biggish girl crib in her very own room:

I know, I can only see her butt but in my defence the positioning of the camera is limited by my height and the length of the wire, and my rapidly diminishing recollection of all the math and physics classes about straight lines and light travelling and all that geniusy stuff that I used to do in JC.

Wish me luck. I’m a one woman army here. Grandpa is very upset that his poor granddaughter has to sleep all alone and will be so scared at night. Dad claims he’ll be so unhappy waking up without her in her cot next to him. Argh! I’m not cruel mum… am I??

UPDATE: Woo hoo! I’m doing my victory lap right now because Sophia DID NOT scream for us in the middle of the night. Post the 10pm waking due (I guess) to Grandpa switching on the night light, the only sound she made was a single whine at maybe 3pm which did wake me up through the baby monitor but she went back to sleep by the time I turned on the video mode to check on her. So there. Sophia in her own room and not once did I have to go in through the night. Ahhh… bliss… I finally have my life back.


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