Top 10 reasons why I’m glad we got rid of the maid

Reason #10

I found vouchers that friends gifted to us when Sophia was first born stashed underneath stacks of irrelevant things – again the maid’s habit of stacking things up regardless of what they were rather than sorting them out and putting them away properly.

Reason #9

When we mopped the floor we found a big patch of mould underneath the plastic board we placed under our study table and chair to protect the parquet flooring. Good thing the wood hasn’t started to rot.

Reason #8

We found the iron all taped up with cellophane tape – our guess is she dropped it and it cracked but she didn’t inform us.

Reason #7

When I wiped the counter where I prepared Sophia’s food and dried her utensils on, the cloth turned black as soot. This was the same place the maid promised she wiped daily.

Reason #6

I can play freely with Sophia and discipline her (or not) in whatever way I want without a judging eye watching over me constantly

Reason #5

I no longer have to climb up a stool an average of 10x everytime I cook/bake in order to reach things that the maid irrationally stored on the highest cabinet rather than reachable areas.

Reason #4

I found and killed the mosquito that was tormenting Sophia nightly and leaving ugly scars on her hands and face beind a pile of stuff that the maid stacked up rather than sorted out into cabinets

Reason #3

When I washed Sophia’s drying rack after she left, the base was so sticky and filthy it was a fly trap. Literally. No less than 3 bugs were stuck to it and goodness knows how long they have been there. gross.

Reason #2

Despite constant reminder to use the mild cleaning products where possible and as little of it as she can, the maid constantly overdose on strong cleaning products so much so that even my marble get bleached then crumbles away. Can you imagine what all that is doing to our skin and, in the case of cooking utensils, our health?

And, the best of them all, better than even the one with the decomposing fly, the top top top reason:

I can finally kick Sophia out of my room into her own room which till recently was occupied by the maid! Yippee!!

Next time I feel tired scrubbing yet another bottle or cleaning up yet another pee/poo accident, I will pull this out and remind myself now this is all for the family’s health and Sophia’s proper upbringing.

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