The greatest hoax

Shhh… I’ll let you in on a secret. Do not use a night light with a baby.

For the longest time I’ve struggled with my parents on the nightlight issue. My dad insisted on buying a nightlight for baby Sophia and it was kind of useful when she needed night feeds so I wouldn’t trip on something and fall flat on my nose on my way to get her but when she stopped waking up for food she started waking up because of the nightlight. Or the fact that she didn’t sleep as well with the nightlight on.

So I turn off all the lights whenever I try to make Sophia sleep but once she falls asleep and I get out of the room to go about my own business one of my parents will go in, check on her and come out looking very distressed. They’ll wring their hand, pace up and down, and finally decide to confront me. The conversation will go somewhere along the lines of:

Dad: You didn’t leave any light on for her?

Me: She sleeps better this way

Dad: But she’ll be scared

Me: Err.. no, she doesn’t know what are ghosts yet

Dad: *frowns and looks very unhappy*

Thereafter the nightlight will be mysteriously turned on.

Doesn’t help that I recently moved Sophia into her own room so there’s even more of the “she’ll be scared” “you’re so cruel” type conversation going on. I think I got vindicated when last night, I had a dinner function and my parents put Sophia to bed instead. With the nightlight on of course. In her own room. When I got back they immediately told me that Sophia woke up twice crying already and preped me for a rough night. I went into her room, turned off the nightlight and went to bed.

What do you know? Not a squeak till 6:30am, which is roughly her usual wake up time. All because she had a perfectly dark environment to sleep in.

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