Caesarean vs VBAC

Which is better worse. Not that I have to consider this question in the foreseeable future but its always good to be prepared. And in case there’s soemone among my wide viewership of 3 (there’s me, the husband whose only way of getting updates about his daughter is through this blog seeing as he leaves the house shortly after she wakes and long after she sleeps, and baby Sophia whom I read my sleep inducing musings to every night – no wonder she sleeps so well) Oh wait, none of them would actually need to consider this issue in the foreseeable future either. Nevermind, I digress. So here’s the completely disorganised discussion of which is better.

If you’re thinking about the baby, totally VBAC. The whole pushing a baby out process is supposed to trigger all the mummy hormones like prolactin and oxytoxin which makes the breastfeeding process much easier. Or so the lactation consultants say. Plus baby gets exposed to all the “flora” while passing through the birth canal which is supposed to do all sorts of good things for baby’s digestion, immunity etc.

For mum, I’m undecided. C-section is so much more painless, unless, like me, you went through an emergency of sorts where you experience both contractions and the knife, in which case, poor you. But its supposed to be a major op which takes more of a toll on the mum. Recovery is also supposed to be “slower” whatever that means because I was up and walking alone within less than 24 hours. VBAC doesn’t even have the advantage of avoiding an ugly scar because I already have one.

Seeing as the score is 1-0 for baby and 1-1 for mum, I guess its VBAC if possible. IF being the operative word because apparently I have such a small opening that the baby better be really tiny.

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