Happy 9 Months, Baby

To my darling munchkin:

Gosh, I can’t believe its already been 9 months. I remember the moment immediately after you were born when Christine lifted you up before whisking you away to be wrapped up in aluminium foil and towels and have your fingers and toes counted and everything else they do to babies when they first come into the world. A blink of the eye and you are now such a big girl!

You’ve always been a  trooper. Grandma passed you the cold bug when you were just 6 weeks old but you took it in your stride. No cries, screams, tantrums or anything out of the ordinary, except when they tried to stick a tube up your nose to draw out the mucus but seriously, nobody can be expected to take that without a bit of a fight!

In the last nine months you’ve picked up so much more than the mere “developmental milestones” of sitting, grabbing and whatevernots. You’ve developed a mind of your own. Mummy is still struggling to understand you. In some ways you’re like a rowdy boy banging things around, screaming your head off and happy to run amok with a diaper full of poop. Yet you’re such a girly-girl at times, clinging on to me when we’re out and pulling at your (non-existant) hair.

Do continue to surprise (and exasperate) us with your new tricks but don’t grow so quickly! It feels like the baby you is slipping away before I have enjoyed the cuddles and the baby smell enough. Promise you’ll always come back to give mummy a hug at the end of the day no matter how old you are.

With lots of love,

Mummy (and vicariously, Daddy)

P/S: Darling, recover from your cold and diarrhoea soon!

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