Finally crawling well

And how apt for me to come across this article at this time:

I’ve been stressing about Sophia’s lack of crawling prowess for the longest time. Turns out, she just isn’t keen on dragging herself around like a snake. She skipped the creeping/scooting/whatever you call it stage of pulling herself around with her hands while her tommy is still firmly on the ground and went straight to crawling on all fours. Pity I never got the benefit of the infant mop – the marble flooring could do with some polishing with the fabric on her tummy.

I should have known. Sophia may look like her daddy but her character is so me. Cautious. Not doing anything until she is confident of doing it. I hope I didn’t stress her too much with my 2 months worth of worrying about her inability to crawl. Can’t really blame me, the whole world seemed to be asking about it and giving me the “oh you poor thing, she is a bit slow eh” look while giving tips on how to encourage her to crawl.

So glad she can do it now. And in good time for the JWT gym trial next month where she is finally able to make use of more facilities. Oh and the adventure center at Penang would be so much more fun too.


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